• Bespoke Suits: For a Man of Constant Style

    Wedding Dress

    When it comes to creating a fashionable style of your own making, wearing a suit is an incredible way distinguishing your character. Here’s a list of a few famous faces well known for their bespoke suit that became an iconic part of their life and work.

    Beau Brummell

    In the days of Regency, England, Beau Brummell was always a trendsetter no matter what he clothing he wore. He is even credited with being the man responsible for popularizing the now standard practice of wearing mens wedding suits with neckties. There are all kinds of myths surrounding Brummel, such as his rumoured habit of spending five hours a day getting dressing. One of Britain’s most renowned style icons, Brummel’s interest in the fashion prominent in the Savile Row area of London is credited in helping the district become the globally recognized haven of men’s fashion it is today, as many famous …

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