Should Your Parents Have a Say in Your Wedding Day

Planning a wedding is one of the most exciting and often stressful times a couple faces. Deciding everything down to the smallest detail and dealing with the opinions of parents is the most common issue couples deal with. A wedding is often seen as a showcase for how successful, how great you are and how good everyone looks. Just how much say parents have in planning the wedding day depends on many factors. Let’s look at some reasons you may or may not want your parents opinions on planning the big day.

  1. Money talks so if your parents are paying for some part of the wedding it’s only fair they have a voice in the plans. Consider how much control you want to relinquish before accepting that offer of financial help.
  2. Set expectations, be clear about whether you are having a church wedding, inviting extended family by letting your parents know from the start.
  3. Be understanding, realize your parents ideal wedding isn’t with a human celebrant, followed by a barn reception catered by a food truck. Give them a chance to get on board with ideas that may seem radical to them.
  4. Get them involved by including them in some way helps build the excitement and let’s them feel part of your special day.
  5. Hold back on some details especially if you feel your parents be enthused about your choice of an Iron Maiden song as your first dance.
  6. Take advice graciously, times have likely changed since your parents exchanged vows. Listen to their advice and don’t rule their ideas out without hearing their advice.
  7. What will people think might cause stress for your parents. Even if you don’t worry about the opinion of others your parents may feel differently.
  8. Guest list conundrum, who to include on your list can be a sticking point. Prepare your half of the list, then as you sit with your parents you can explain why you don’t wish to include people you don’t know well.
  9. Food is something you may not agree on so if at all possible take your parents along for tastings.
  10. If you do fight and it does happen,make every effort to deal with contentious issues as calmly and kindly as possible. Every couple deserves to have things go smoothly as they plan their wedding day.

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